The Joy of Books

I spend a lot of time reading and listening to content on the internet. I get most of my news and current events from websites, and most of my leisure reading comes from the net or as digital subscriptions to magazines and newsletters. And, of course, there are message boards specific to whatever I’m interested in that month. On top of that, I listen to about ten hours of podcasts weekly, while driving to and from work and doing chores around the house. When I reflect on my total screen time, including time I spend in front of a computer at work……I spend a Lot of time looking at digital content.

Which is why this summer I made a half- hearted promise to myself to read some books. You know, those things made from wood pulp and sold in bookstores. Part of the promise was about getting away from the screen for a few minutes each day, and part was about setting a better example for my kids who are similarly screen addicted and need to understand the value of sitting quietly with a book. I’ve only been partly successful on both accounts.

In a strange way, the books pictured above are the result of my digital consumption. All of them were chosen because I saw or heard them referenced somewhere on the web. The “Old Man” book, for example, was the result of listening to an Orvis podcast reviewing outdoor and hunting books. The description of it appealed to me, so I bought it. As such, I’m allowing my digital consumption to guide my book buying. Maybe that’s how the internet is supposed to work, but I find it curious that my digital consumption is actually driving me away from digital and toward actual books.

….and I’m okay with that!


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