Not A Good Way to End the Year

Damaged rim

You are looking at a macro shot of the rear wheel from my Co-Motion Americano. It’s hard to believe that a little flat spot like that can make the bike shake like a withdrawing alcoholic.

The damage occurred yesterday, as I attempted to log some miles on the Rapha #Festive500. I was running errands and had just dropped a roll of film off at the camera store and decided to add a few miles to my journey. No more than two minutes into my “bonus miles” I hit a crevasse in the roadway. It was very well disguised. I didn’t see it until it was too late. I had just enough time to unweight the saddle and pop the front wheel up. Unfortunately, the rear wheel took the brunt of the impact.

I guess I should write “fortunately” because if I had hit it with the front wheel, I may have wrecked on a busy street.

Within two pedal strokes, I realized something was amiss. The rear end was pulsating at a regular frequency with each wheel rotation. I pulled over and checked the tire. No sign of the tube bulging out or anything like that, so I decided to wrap up the ride and head home.

This morning I took the bike apart to inspect it, expecting to find a crack in the frame or something else really expensive but, alas, it was just a flat spot on the rim. The picture doesn’t really do it justice. Luckily I have a spare rear wheel but the wheel in the picture was half of my “”light” wheels that I built up a couple of years ago. I’m sad. The wheel was not inexpensive but, more importantly, I haven’t broken a wheel in decades. Literally decades! I hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come in 2015.

I’ll end with a rant. Long Island has some of the highest property taxes in the US, yet our roads are remarkably crappy. This happened two blocks from the “capitol” of Nassau County and the roads are terrible with pot holes, large seams and all sorts of debris along the shoulders. And it hasn’t even snowed here yet! If you’re wondering how that can be, it’s because they never repaired the roads from last winter. I really wonder where my taxes go to when I look at the roads and parks and see how dilapidated they are. End of rant.

If only it were the front wheel. The I’d have an excuse for a dynamo hub.

Happy New Year.


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