Coffeeneuring 2014

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Time to get out on the bike in search of coffee. If you haven’t heard of Coffeeneuring, you may be living under a rock. Here are the rules for 2014.

I began the challenge last weekend, with a ride on October 5th with my daughter aboard the Burley Piccolo. We rode a mellow 5 miles around town, stopping at one of the local Dunkin Donuts for a cup of tea.

Coffee cup


My daughter whoops and hollers as if she is on an amusement park ride. And she asks a lot of questions, such as “Do you ride this fast with my brother?” Yes, I do!

The riding is typical suburban, with semi-busy roads and a mix of commercial and residential neighborhoods. I use the Piccolo as a means to acclimate them to riding in the street among cars. The beverage was actually the low point of the ride, a wholly mediocre cup of dishwater with a tea bag in it. Oh well, it’s the company that matters.

My second outing was this morning, October 12. I don’t have a lot of choices within an easy ride of my home. There are about 16 Starbucks and DD within 5 miles; however, there is only so much of their product I can consume in one week, let alone during a bike ride. There are some really good coffee shops in Brooklyn, but that’s a 50 mile round trip and a bit out of  range for a quick trip. As such, I drew some inspiration from Instagram.

The hashtag #coffeeoutside links to hundreds of pictures of people taking their home brewing equipment outside to the beach, park and mountains. Coffee tastes better when you make it yourself outdoors. So I loaded up my camp stove, kettle, Aeropress and a few grams of Stumptown coffee and headed off for a quick ride.

Ride to the local beach to make coffee outside.

Ride to the local beach to make coffee outside.

Ride to the local beach to make coffee outside.

In three miles, I was at the local beach park, found a scenic view and unpacked my kit. I had to be discrete because I’m not sure the park allows cooking with a gas stove. Within three minutes, I had scalding hot water and I was ready to brew.

The coffee really did taste better having been made outside, and I saved myself some money and a trip the the same-old coffee shop. I think I’ll try to complete the rest of the challenge this way.

I have a couple of things to work through with my kit:

1. It makes a lot of noise, clanging around in my pannier

2. I have to figure out a way to carry milk without it either spilling or getting too warm.

Three miles later and I was back home and showered up for the afternoon. If you haven’t tried making coffee outside, do so. It’s easy and inexpensive if you have a camp stove or other portable heating device.

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