Return of the Longish Ride

Port Jeff ride with HBC

It has been awhile since I’ve been on a long ride, one over 50 miles or so. My summer weekends have been busy with various domestic responsibilities, thereby limiting my ability to get out with my cycling club on a regular basis. Today we completed a 65 mile jaunt out to Port Jefferson, accompanied by members from a neighboring club.

Port Jeff ride with HBC2 Port Jeff ride with HBC3

The weather, riding and scenery were sublime. It was unusually warm for the end of September, which posed something of a contradiction as we rode past farms setting up for fall festivals and fairs. It’s hard to get into fall fair mode when it’s 82 degrees out.

I haven’t done many long rides this season, and I’m a bit disappointed in myself. One reason is that I’ve been keeping a polite distance from my club as it struggles to figure out what a B- ride looks like. Politics, just like in any society: some people want to ride faster, while others cannot keep up. There’s an 800 lb elephant in the room that no one will address. Today, for example, we started out with 25 people but quickly became splintered into two and three sub-groups. By the time lunch was over, no one was waiting for each other. Not exactly pleasant.

The other reason for not completing any long events is that I didn’t register for any. Last year I rode at least 5 organized events, most of them at least metric centuries. This year, however, I put the events on my calendar but did not register. Laziness, lack of time, distraction. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t follow through.  I also had planned to do one RUSA event and a S24O (overnight camping trip) but didn’t follow through.

MG has a post up on her blog that I think is relevant to my predicament. Planning to do something is not the same as doing it and, often times, the thing that holds you back is failing to say aloud that you are going to do it. I put events on my calendar but never said aloud to my wife or riding partners “I’m doing the XYZ 200 on Such and Such Date.” That kept me from committing to the events—or at least it contributed to my inertia.

There’s still time to squeeze in a brevet or S24O before the season crawls to a halt. I just have to commit and execute.

But back to today’s ride. Although disorganized, we did trek a fair distance to a delightful port. And I got to listen to this band while hunting for food.

Port Jeff ride with HBC4


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