Grey and Cloudy


Life has been a little gloomy lately. Two people in my life were recently diagnosed with brain tumors. One of them passed a couple of days ago, just a year after the initial diagnosis. Both of them are mothers of grown children.

My own kids have been sick lately, but with the ordinary maladies of childhood. Nothing serious. And, of course, when your kids get sick, so do you. I’m nursing a wicked ear infection.

Life can get pretty grey, like there are clouds following you around. Illness, work stress, household disorder, hectic schedules etcetera. But none of this is cancer. It’s important to keep your shit in perspective. Your bad day is nowhere near as bad as someone else’s. Lost your wallet at the market….how about those Nigerian mothers who lost their daughters?! It’s all about perspective.

This afternoon I took my son for a bike ride. The bike helps me maintain perspective. I get to focus on simple things like breathing, and listening and seeing. And the simple pleasure of hearing the little man whoop and cheer as we rode along. Forty minutes on the bike with my son cleared the clouds and made me appreciate how much I have and how precious life is.


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