Steel Cut Oatmeal Made Easy



The bowl of oatmeal pictured above was made while I slept. It was easy to make. Honestly. And it’s the best bowl of oatmeal I’ve ever made.

Yesterday I got involved in a social media discussion about how to prepare oatmeal. Almost immediately, the discussion turned to steel cut oats as being healthier than the pre-packaged processed crap you buy in the grocery store. I believe that to be true but I’ve never had much luck cooking steel cut oats. I’ve tried the microwave method and the result has been something with the texture and flavor of concrete. I’ve tried the stovetop method and it takes too damn long for my morning schedule. One of the participants in the social media discussion mentioned using a rice cooker. That was my Ah-Ha moment.

Last year I bought a Zojirushi rice cooker, mainly to break me of the habit of eating pre-packaged processed crap from the grocery store. I use it two to three times a week but never thought of using it for breakfast. A quick trip to the Internet and some review of the owner’s manual and I had a plan for breakfast that I put into action last night before I went to bed. Here is what I did, using the timer function on the rice cooker:

1/2 cup McCann’s Steel Cut Oatmeal rinsed to remove dust  ( I didn’t know what to expect, so I started with a small serving)

1 3/4 cup water ( the rice maker manual called for a ration of 1 cup of oats to 2.5 of water. Most recipes I found online and on the side of the oats box called for at least 1:3 or 1:4… I winged it because I didn’t want it too mushy)

Pinch of salt

Sprinkle of cinnamon

Set timer on rice cooker and go to sleep. Make sure rice cooker is set to “Porridge” or “Oatmeal” mode
Awake to a nice smell in the kitchen
Open lid …..looks a little like slop. Give it a stir and it is perfect consistency!

Taste test and add a teaspoon or so of brown sugar and let it melt in while the cooker was in Warm mode.
Top with blueberries and toasted almonds for some crunch

My wife is not an oatmeal fan but she indulged me and ate it. Her first words were “This tastes like something we’d have at a bed and breakfast on vacation.” We were both looking for second helpings. Total hands-on time was probably 10 minutes. The rice cooker did all the work. It is so ridiculously easy to cook oatmeal in the rice cooker there is no reason not to set it up the night before and enjoy in the morning.

Of course you can go crazy and add hundreds of different toppings to your heart’s desire. Happy cooking.


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