Gale Winds

Windy Nov Sunday 2

We transitioned directly from fall into winter here in New York. My weekday commute this week saw temperatures in the upper twenties at 0630 am and low forties by 5:30pm. I just returned from a very short ride in the upper twenties with gale force winds blowing off the local bay. I was blown sideways a couple of times. I needed, but didn’t have, face protection from the biting winds.

The last few years, the transition from fall weather to winter weather has been getting more abrupt. “Fall” lasts about a week, and then it’s winter.  Likewise, it seems like only four weeks ago the temperatures were summer-like and I was riding in short sleeves and bib shorts. Now I’m shopping for full winter gear.

There was no legitimate reason to be on a bike this morning other than it was calling me. I flatted the rear tire on a club ride last weekend, and the Seven has sat in the garage since and I’ve been riding the CoMotion. I swapped the tires Friday night with the help of my son. The Seven needed to be ridden!

As I prepared breakfast, I realized I had the perfect reason to venture out into the wind: I needed coffee beans. So I rode the short distance to the local book shop cafe, which happens to sell some pretty damn good coffee.

Windy Nov Sunday 1

Why didn’t I do this last weekend for the Coffeeneuring Challenge!?!?!

I’m back in the safety of my home, sheltered from the wind. Hopefully it will subside in time for tomorrow’s commute.


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