Coffeeneuring: No Days Remain!

Today is the last day of the Challenge, if I’m counting correctly. I’m typing this with one hand because the palm of the other is holding my face.



Score me as “DNF” for the challenge. As I alluded to in my last post, life did not cooperate with my desire to complete this activity. I spent the last week sicker than the previous two weeks. I was feeling much better by Friday evening, with the help of some antibiotics and compulsory sick time. Yesterday turned out to be a nice day here in New York and when the opportunity to ride with my club presented itself, I jumped at it.

We rode nearly 50 miles along the north shore of Nassau County and eastern Queens. It was one of those rides that started with people wondering whether to ride in the first place, since it was chilly and misting out. We put our money on a hopeful forecast and within half an hour the weather cleared, the bright sun illuminating the fall colors. It was a spectacular fall day. 



Some of the 12 riders in the group.  The cat in front of me is about 6’6″ I think. As we rode all around the gold coast and into Bayside Queens, it occurred to me that no one in my club stops for coffee. Never. I’ve never been on a ride with the club and heard someone say, “Let’s find a place to grab a cup.” In fact, I never look for coffee when riding. I wonder what’s up with that. Is the link between coffee consumption and cycling a regional thing, or an age-demographic thing?

My club stops for bathroom and water brakes after about 90 minutes of riding, and then for a short (15 minute) food stop around lunch time on rides greater than 40 miles or so. Our focus is on going from point A to point B in an efficient manner while enjoying some conversation. It’s purposeful, not a ramble. I wonder if that influences the coffee stop. In reading others’ coffeeeneuring posts, I get the sense that their rides are more rambles, more open-ended than my club rides. 

Or maybe the people I ride with don’t like coffee that much!

Maybe there’s no way to explain the phenomenon of getting coffee on a bike. All I know is that as I reflect on it, I have no burning desire to stop for coffee when on an individual ride, and the other people I ride with don’t either. And that has made completing the challenge……challenging.

Back to the club ride. Here’s the view from Kings Point, NY looking across the water to NYC.



We stopped here to use the restrooms and refill water bottles. With water, not coffee.

With the Coffeeneuring Challenge now behind me, I’m ready to Errandaneur.


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