Coffeeneuring As Race Prep


Tomorrow I will race my bike. I will race it in a most unorthodox way, in a place far from my home. The race is not public-that I know of- so I am not at liberty to disclose particulars other than to say it will involve single track and this….

Coffeeneuring Race Prep 1Yes, a mountain bike biathlon of sorts.

This afternoon, I hit the local trails to stretch my mountain biking legs and make sure the Moots is up to the task. It will be, though I don’t know if I will. I’m not a racer. Going all-out for short periods of time is not my bag. I prefer slower and steady rides; therefore, tomorrow’s activity will be a stretch. I think I have the Red Ryder component under control, I just hope I don’t blow up on the riding portions of the course. Either way, it will be a new experience for me and that is the joy of cycling: new experiences.

After getting lost (literally) in the woods for 8 miles, I rode down the road to the nearest purveyor of coffee for a latte and danish.

Coffeeneuring Race Prep 3 Coffeeneuring Race Prep 4Fall is coming on in full force on Long Island. Leaves are falling, the air is crisp making a ride in the woods the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Grabbing a cup of coffee and a tasty snack completed the training session.

Tomorrow, I race!



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