About 18 months ago, I decided I wanted to try cyclocross. My understanding of the activity was based on some films I’d seen on Vimeo. The films portrayed Germans doing hard cross country road rides including long stretches of dirt. Of course cyclocross as it is practiced in the US and much of the world is a 45 minute full-out race with obstacles.  Once I realized the difference, I knew I had to do some research and preparation.

I bought Jeremy Powers’ Cross Camp DVD and watched it over and over, trying to learn the skills I’d need for my first race.  My son often sat on my lap, watching along with me. He soon started picking up his trike, carrying it over obstacles in our living room to be like the man in the movie.

I got my butt handed to me in my first and only ‘cross race last September. I barely completed one lap before I had to pull off the course, a hyperventilating, bruised mess. I’m not sure I’ll try again this year; I don’t think I have the motor to go all-out for 45 minutes.

My son, however, is still working on his ‘cross skills. He received a new bike about a week ago and, as you can see, he’s working on his dismount.



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