Another New Bike



Made you look!

It’s not a new bike, but new decals. 

When my Seven was delivered last month, it arrived with stock black decals. They look nice but are not what I ordered for the bike. I specified decals with a custom color to personalize it and set the bike apart  from the thousands of other Sevens rolling around with black, white or red decals. When the bike arrived, however, it was sporting the standard decals.

The dealer was extremely apologetic and offered to send the bike back, explaining that there had been an oversight at the Seven factory causing someone to apply the traditional black decals. A second option was to ride the bike and wait for the decals to be printed and applied at a later date. I chose the second option since it did not make much sense to send a perfectly good bike back to Massachusetts just for the decals.

The decals were swapped this morning and make the bike look totally different.



The photos were taken in a studio this afternoon, but they are a tad underexposed because I was shooting with a point and shoot. I’ll post a link to better quality images when they become available. Needless to say, the new decals make it feel like a brand-new bike. I plan to ride the wheels off it at D2R2 next weekend.


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