I’ve been spending some time riding the Bethpage MultiUse Trail, also known as the Bethpage Bike Path. The trail, for many years, extended from Bethpage State Park in the middle of Nassau County to the south shore, where it connected to another bike path to take riders onto Jones Beach. I’ve been on the trail many times because it is a welcome respite from negotiating traffic enroute to the south shore. The trail also provides access to mountain bike trails that run alongside the paved path.

The MUT recently underwent a major overhaul including repaving, new trail heads, designated parking areas and an extension to the north shore community of Syosset-Woodbury. Nassau County did a fine job, notwithstanding a couple of notable shortcomings including a pair of major craters in one section of the path. For some reason the county is pretending the path is not open yet despite the fact that hundreds of people use it daily. Whatever.

I rode from my house to the path today, for no other reason than I was too lazy to put together a more sophisticated ride up in Connecticut to get some hills under my belt in preparation for D2R2 in a couple of weeks. I covered the 17 miles to the MUT pretty quickly, and then shared the trail with other riders and pedestrians.



…and soldiers. An Army unit was in the park doing land navigation exercises. It took me by surprise when a soldier walked out of the woods as I came around a curve. 

I ventured off the MUT into an abandoned county office complex to make some photos. I’m fascinated by abandoned buildings, particularly ones the government has chosen to just walk away from.







I think I know the origin of the last photo. Back in the day, this building was used to house grand jurors during their deliberations. The thought that anyone could enjoy the holidays in one of these buildings is humorous to me. I’m not sure why the county hasn’t torn these buildings down. The “park” that they inhabit is otherwise beautiful and useful; it has soccer fields and I noticed people training show dogs nearby. Suburban neglect and decay a quarter mile from the wonderful MUT.

I love where my bike takes me.


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