Still Loving It

I’ve had the Seven for a couple of weeks now and I am still enjoying the new bike experience. You know the one, the urge to ride every day even when it’s oppressively hot outside, enjoying every pedal stroke as if it is the first time you’ve ridden a bike.

The bike is performing very well for me. It feels like a rocket underneath me compared to what I have been riding for the last couple of years. The Shimano Dura Ace Di2 is nothing short of phenomenal; it’s what I imagine paddle shifters must be like on a high-end sports car. It has been ridiculously hot and humid in New York the past week and a half, so I’ve only had one opportunity to commute to work with it. I swear the Seven has helped me shave seven minutes off the ride.

Having a second bike is a good thing. And a bad thing. I’m glad that I don’t have to ride the heavy Co-Motion everywhere. I’m glad I have a lighter, more agile bike with modern drivetrain and disc brakes. I cannot wait to get it up to D2R2, where I expect it will shine even if I cannot.

Having a second bike, however, has set my mind to wandering about what it would be like to have a third. If the Co-Mo is my tourer/utility bike and the Seven is my light and agile gravel grinder (not sure I like that label), what would it be like to have a true sports car bike? Something carbon, like a Roubaix designed for all day riding on nice roads. Until recently, I never quite understood why people have more than two road bikes, but I’m coming to my senses. Different tools for different applications. Don’t get me wrong, the Seven is perfect but I’m just wondering if there is room in life for another perfect bike for other purposes.

My thinking is shifting about buying used, too. A year ago it never would have crossed my mind to buy a used bike. I wanted custom. And custom is fantastic! But there are lot of high end, barely used road bikes out there waiting to be ridden. My thinking changed after watching too many episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. In each episode Jerry Seinfeld drives another celebrity around in a classic car. The episodes are pretty funny and reveal a different side of  Seinfeld and the comedians he interviews. Seeing him in all those vintage cars made me realize that car enthusiasts don’t think twice about purchasing a used vehicle. Cyclists, on the other hand, tend to buy new. At least this cyclist has that tendency.

There is no reason, if your really think about it, not to at least consider buying a used bike. Mechanically, there’s a lot less to go wrong compared with an automobile. As long as the frame is not compromised and it fits, a bike should survive many owners, particularly if the owner takes care of it. So my next bike, if and when there is one, may very well be something that someone else grew tired of or had to sell to make room for N+1.

What are your thoughts and experiences? Have you bought used, and were you satisfied with your decision? Put your responses below in the Comments section, please.

In the meantime, I’m lovin’ my new bike. If only the humidity would relent.


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3 Responses to Still Loving It

  1. Frosty says:

    I just bumped into your blog searching for others thoughts regarding the rain during the Discover Hudson Valley ride (2013). I agree the rain was a positive occurance. That said a pleasure to meander your blog and gander your Seven. Beautiful ride!

    • robertkerner says:

      Glad you found the blog. The rain was a relief. Even without the rain, it was a wonderful ride and I’ll be sure to do the event next year. I’m already scoping out the BikeNY fall ride.

  2. Stefan says:

    cool bike.

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