New Addition


This is the new addition to my bicycle stable, a beautiful Seven designed on the Axiom platform to be a go-anywhere, sporty, gravel road bike. I took delivery of it today from Signature Cycles.



Working with Justin, Lori and Darren at Signature, I designed the bike to be a sports car compared to my Co-Motion, which I often think of as an RV. The new bike can accommodate wide tires and fenders for when I want to take it on gravel or ride in sloppy weather. 



It’s a precision machine that exceeds my expectations. I took it on a 14 mile jaunt direct from the shop and it handles like a rocket ship: very responsive and nimble. I’ll have to pay slightly more attention to handling than I’m accustomed to with the big green tank. I stopped to take this picture…



and was alarmed to see the thermometer on my GPS registering 104 degrees in open sunlight. So I hightailed it back to the shop, with a stop here for some delicious pastries.



The bike is just excellent. Justin did a spectacular job sourcing the parts and building it. The Dura Ace Di2 is phenomenal; the front shifting is so quick and accurate, it’s like the controller is reading your mind. And, of course, the fit is spot-on. At 19.557 lbs, it’s almost half the weight of my Co-Mo. The disc brakes are head & shoulders above what I’m using now. They just work, you don’t notice or think about them.

Tomorrow, a club ride if the weather cooperates and then I have to find some dirt or gravel for it.

My hat’s off to Signature Cycles and Seven for making my wish list a reality.


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3 Responses to New Addition

  1. MG says:

    Beautiful! Congrats on New Bike Day!

  2. robertkerner says:

    Thank you. For me, it’s equivalent to getting a new car; it’s that exciting!

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