Photo Hunt

My plan for a long Saturday ride was thwarted by french toast.

I’ve been working on a Nassau County to Brooklyn ride for my club since last fall. Although I’d traversed the route before, I made some recent tweaks to eliminate  high traffic areas. My plan was to rise early and do a final test ride before volunteering to lead the ride for the club.

The plan went sideways when I chose to sleep in and make a big breakfast for the family. I’ll spare you the gory details but suffice it to say that breakfast quickly became brunch and, by the time I cleaned up the mess, it was 1:00 pm. Too late to set off for Brooklyn and still keep a social appointment I had later in the day.

I did not want to sacrifice riding altogether, so I set off on a photo hunt. In this case, I rode around my own neighborhood with one of my better cameras looking for interesting images. 



It isn’t often that I allow enough time on my rides to stop and smell the photographic roses. A deliberate photo hunt forces me to pay a little more attention to my surroundings while thinking about making nice images.



I’ve been watching Outside Television in the evening. It always amazes me that people will take their cameras to the ends of the earth – climbing, skiing, surfing –  but for some reason many cyclists eschew carrying a full sized camera because of the weight and bulk, or out of fear of damaging it. We miss a lot of opportunities because of those decisions.



I’ve been using a point and shoot while cycling, but today I took a DSLR, a zoom and a polarizer after feeling like a wuss compared to climbers who haul all their gear up the side of a wall in order to capture a nice image. I haven’t used my DSLRs in such a long time that I forgot how nice it is to look through a proper viewfinder and fiddle with the controls and the lens. Pure joy!



I rode for a little more than an hour but I came home completely recharged and excited about making images. If you’ve relegated your full-sized camera to the dark corners of the basement, do try to find a way to take it on the road with you. Treat yourself to a photo hunt.


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