The Bloomin Metric


I was out of the house shortly after sunrise this morning to make the drive up to Connecticut to ride this year’s Bloomin’ Metric Century. The Bloomin’ Metric is hosted by the Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club. As usual, the club did an outstanding job hosting the event, with well-marked routes, plenty of food and friendly volunteers. 

The GPS file for the route is here.  This is the route that was distributed to riders and the route I rode. The GPS routing was impeccable; the best I’ve ever seen from a club. Part of the 100k route loops back on itself after Meeker Hill Road, pictured above, and I vaguely recall that last year’s GPS file was a little fuzzy and left room for interpretation. This year’s file fixed that issue and the GPS didn’t blink when instructed to follow part of the same route.

The weather was perfect. It they ordered the weather for the event they could not have done any better. I remember overheating in a bad way on Meeker Hill Road last year, but did not have that issue today. 

I completed the ride in under five hours, which I think represents at least an hour’s improvement from last year. Sadly I didn’t import my GPS data into the Garmin Training Center in the first half of 2012, so I have no hard data to support that claim. I only know that I didn’t struggle as badly with the hills compared to last year, and I returned to my home at a reasonable hour in the afternoon. I can do better, I know, but I still suffer on hills primarily because there aren’t many on Long (Flat) Island.

I don’t know the riders pictured above. I put the camera to my eye as they came around the corner to climb Meeker Hill Road, by all accounts one of the bigger climbs of the day. As they turned, their faces turned too, from smiling to serious. Work to be done on that hill.

Speaking of hills. There are hills in the Catskills. Head over here for some cool routes and an interesting challenge designed to get more people riding in the area.


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