Impulse Purchases Aren’t All Bad



46.5 hilly-for-Long Island miles today with the club. A little over 2,000 feet of climbing doesn’t sound like much to those who live in regions with more hills, but for my ‘hood it’s a fair amount of climbing. I used today to get me in the mood for the Bloomin Metric Century next weekend in Connecticut. Last year’s route was considerably more hilly than the last time I rode the event; therefore, every little bit of preparation counts.

On today’s ride I had the opportunity to use an item that I bought on impulse last month: Cat’s Tongue Towels. Impulse purchasing is a disease that overtook me when my children were born. I managed to avoid buying items I didn’t really need until the kids came, and I started to view items as “I might need that someday, so I better buy it.” The Cat’s Tongue Towels fall into that category. I didn’t really need them when I purchased them, but they looked interesting enough to click “Buy.”

I discovered them via the Jeremy Powers Grand Fundo website. I was searching his site for registration information and started clicking links. Next thing I know, I’m watching his YouTube advertisement for grease licking towels. So I go to the Cat’s Tongue website, read the description and the next thing I know I’m unpacking them three days later.

I’ll let you read the website, but I can tell you that they work as advertised and they are worth the money. I field tested them on today’s ride.

About two hours into the ride, one of my riding mates dropped his chain. As a result, he got a fair amount of grease on his fingers and was lamenting the discoloration it would leave at the next bathroom break. Remembering the Cat’s Tongue Towel packet I had put in my saddle bag, I offered it to him and watched as it lapped away every ounce of gunk on his hands. The other riders started asking about the towelette after seeing how easily it removed the grease.

Fast forward two hours and I’m putting my bike back into my car. I snagged the chain on something and it pulled off the chain rings. Suddenly I was in need of my own towel. Based on my personal experience I can honestly say the texture of the towel feels like a cat’s tongue, gritty but not noxiously so. It makes quick work of dirt and grease without irritating the skin or leaving any residue or odor.

The towels come in compact packets and can easily be stashed in a jersey pocket or saddle  bag. In my opinion, there’s no reason not to keep one or two on you at all times on the bike. I also keep a couple in my car for unexpected repairs.

Although the Cat’s Tongue Towels were an impulse purchase, I’m damn glad I stumbled across them and recommend them to cyclists.


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