The Great Gatsby Tour

ImageIn celebration of the release of the movie, my club’s intrepid ride leader took us on a tour of the “Eggs” referred to in the book. For those not familiar with Long Island, that would be parts of Little Neck, Great Neck and Sands Point. Along the way, Victor peppered us with details from the book and described what the area looked like during prohibition. 

One of the neat things about riding with a club is that you invariably get to see parts of your own neighborhood that you weren’t quite familiar with. Today was no exception and we were treated to wonderful waterside views on roads that you’d have no reason to drive down in a car. It didn’t hurt that everything was in bloom and it was 68 degrees by 11am.



This was F. Scott Fitzgerald’s house at some point when he was writing Gatsby. There’s nothing on the road to betray its importance to American literature.


The route was hillier than a typical club ride, at least by our standards but everyone maintained a good pace. I rode like an unchained Django on some stretches in an attempt to test out my new hill climbing strategy. Instead of dreading the climbs as something that will bring exhaustion, I’m trying to attack them both mentally and physically. It seemed to work today.

We began the morning with 9 riders and many dropped off at various points. Here are the remaining two that finished with me as we head down the final long stretch of road before ending at the lot.

ImageHappy Mother’s Day everyone and “thank you” to my wife for letting me escape for a few hours.



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