Blogroll Update

I am not very good at keeping my Blogroll up-to-date. With all the time I spend exploring the inter webs, you’d think that I’d share some links to the material I read on a regular basis. I updated the Blogroll links to include sites I visit on an almost-daily basis. Most of the sites I found, either directly or indirectly, as a result of reading George’s Hudson Valley Randonneur site.

Here’s a summary, but I encourage you to check them out for yourself:

Chasing Mailboxes is MG’s blog about cycling and randonneuring around the D.C. and Virginia area. She sponsored the Errandonnee that I wrote about back in February. Her posts tend to have something for everyone who cycles, whether you are a high mileage randonneur or not. Her husband and tandem partner is the author of the Daily Randonneur, which contains interesting ride reports although it is not updated very frequently.

The Family Ride: I stumbled on this blog last night and already I want more. It is the blog of a couple with small children and tells the story of how they have incorporated cycling (including cycle touring) into their lives. As the parent of twins, I find this stuff very interesting and it reminds me that it pays to start early with kids. It also reminds me that I haven’t done enough to get my kids comfortable on their bikes.

Riding the Catskills: John’s posts are addictive. Wonderful photography supporting great summaries of glorious rides in the Catskill region of New York. Yes, I’m gushing. If the region weren’t 90 minutes by car each way, I’d be up there every weekend. It is that beautiful up there.

Seven Cycles: They make cool custom bikes. They are making me a bike right now, I hope. The blog is pretty good too. I’ve met and ridden with some of these cats and they are good people so I’m showing them some linky love.

Signature Cycles: My go-to shop now for anything other than a minor repair. I’d take my minor repairs there, too, if they were closer to my home. I discovered them last year when I needed a bike fitting. The customer service  is so good that I had no hesitation in plunking down my cash and ordering my Seven from them. They run a nice Saturday shop ride, too. 

And that’s it for the update. As always, I’m not on anyone’s payroll and I don’t get anything in return for links. I link to stuff that I find interesting or businesses that have served me well. Happy reading.


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