Riding Strong



I’ve been riding strong lately. Club rides the past two weekends saw me at the front of the pack, climbing without hyperventilating and taking pulls at the front of the pace line. 

This time last year, I was often off-the-back and exhausted going up the slightest hills. Riding through the winter definitely has its benefits. Having made it to March, I cannot understand why I haven’t done this before. There is nothing to fear from the winter. Hell, I didn’t even buy or wear a winter jacket, relying entirely on layers of thermal underwear and lightweight fleece. 

Cycling has been a constant in my life since the late 80’s. Although I may take a break for awhile (infant children, for example), I always come back to it. I realize now that I’ve cheated myself, all these years, by not riding through the winter.


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2 Responses to Riding Strong

  1. I will let this inspire me to keep riding next winter. This year I didn’t entirely quit but did not ride very much. Thus I can manage a 19 mile ride, hills and all. But ouch! Sore quads!

  2. robertkerner says:

    I think I avoided riding through the winter because I assumed it would require a lot of gear (jackets etc) and was afraid of being cold. In reality, I’ve found I prefer the chill to riding in the hot summer heat since I tend to “ride hot” in terms of body temperature.

    My motivation was maintaining fitness for my club rides. I didn’t want to re-join the main group in March having lost all my fitness.

    Good luck. It’s fun.

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