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The weather and circumstances allowed me to be on the bike each day this weekend, starting with a cold and windy commute back and forth to work on Friday. The thermometer registered 22 degrees when I left for work and, within a few minutes, I was heading into a brisk headwind. Luckily I have my clothing pretty much dialed-in for the cold weather and I arrive at the office un-chilled.

Saturday, to avoid the wind, I explored some new mountain bike trails in Westchester County. The locals call it “GH,” short for Graham Hills Park in Mount Pleasant. The park seems relatively obscure; if you blink you’ll drive by the entrance and miss it entirely. I expected smooth single track but found the park has the same number and quality of rocks as can be found elsewhere in lower New York but with steeper terrain than you’d find on Long Island. I wussed out and walked some of the rockier sections, choosing to ride conservatively for my first visit.


This is my first attempt at a self-portrait. Image captured with a Canon S100 set to auto timer and Gorilla Pod. Getting the timing correct took a little trial and error.


The trail map indicated the presence of ruins in the park, so I had to take an obligatory “ruins” shot.


GH is about 40 miles from Western Nassau County and it’s free. It’s definitely worth a visit.

It snowed last night, so this morning I got to do something I’ve been wanting to do since the beginning of winter: pull my kids in their sled with my Moots. I’m not clever enough to have thought of this on my own! I saw a picture of someone doing this and realized I have to give it a try.


There wasn’t quite enough snow on the ground to justify packing up the car and going to a park, so we experimented in the yard. It’s a lot of fun for both the driver and passengers, and a good workout.

With snow on the ground, I now have a reason to mount the snow tires on the road bike for next week’s commute. If the snow stays around long enough.

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