Road Graffiti

I must live in a desirable neighborhood from a cycling standpoint, because most of the streets have route markings from a variety of organized rides. This is an atypical intersection in my town. Atypical because, even though there are five markers within a 10  square foot space, the markers are from the same event. In most intersections, there are markers for three to four different events.

Note that two of the markers are fresh. The others are from the same ride, which has used the same route for the last three years. Interestingly, the older markers haven’t disappeared in that time; no one has stolen them and the weather hasn’t caused them to fade away. That must be good quality paint. Makes one wonder why the organizers re-marked the same intersection, where the previous years’ markers are still intact. Maybe they think the riders are blind or too distracted to see the other markers.

I think it’s stupidity. Maybe the organizers don’t give a damn because they don’t live in this town. But they must live somewhere, and all of Nassau County (and much of Suffolk) is littered with these, so that must mean no one gives a damn about leaving the graffiti all over the place. It’s littering, with a paint can, in the name of cycling.

Here’s my plea: Cyclists have a duty to be good neighbors and patrons of the space they use. You’d never ride across someone’s front lawn on an organized ride, so it should not be acceptable to lay down paint in front of someone’s home. Use foam core signs to mark the route and retrieve them when the ride is over. That’s simple. If you must paint (can’t understand why!), then come through when the ride is over and obliterate the markings so people don’t have to stare at them for the next 10 years. Leave painting on the streets to the water and gas companies, please.


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