Red Hook

I’ve been searching for a new cycling periodical to read. Years ago, I subscribed to a couple of the common magazines that you’d see on newsstands. They kept me entertained and informed but, after a while, I came to see them as nothing more than advertisements. Repetitive advertisements at that. Each year’s subscription brought the same basic content: how to maintain nutrition, how to fix common problems, how to climb hills like a pro……

My tastes and interests have matured. I know how to change a tire and, as such, I don’t need those newsstand journals anymore. What I do want is actual journalism and good photography—dare I say photojournalism. There are only a couple of publications doing this. Rouleur is one of them as far as I can tell. I’ve sampled some of their stuff online and listened to five of their podcasts. The problem is, you can’t just pop into Barnes and Noble and get a copy. It’s sold at some boutiques and you can mail order it from England.

One of the places you can buy it in NY is at Gage + Desoto in Red Hook Brooklyn. Since this past Friday was unbearably hot, I thought it would be a good idea to suit up and ride the motorcycle to the far end of Brooklyn to get a copy. So far the copy I purchased is proving to be entertaining and educational (informing me about the broader world of cycling, not how to lube my cassette). The ride into the shop was entertaining too. Here’s the outside of the shop. The next block over is 19th century cobbles.

If you’re looking for something more in terms of cycling literature, go visit G+D and peruse their selection of books and magazines. It’s worth the trip. It’s also worth the trip just to check out the neighborhood. Upon exiting the shop, I saw this big thing at the end of the block

The QM2, which set sail later that day. The passengers on the ship probably got to their destination quicker than I did, since I hit major traffic jams on the return trip. And this

I had to wait over half an hour for the authorities to lower the bridge.

So far my copy of Rouleur is everything I hoped it would be. The photography is excellent and the stories present information that I’ve never seen reported elsewhere. For $20, you get a substantial product that you’d be proud to leave on your coffee table.


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  1. Because I like to tour I like “Road Runner” and “Ride Texas” magazines. Ride Texas covers riding Texas and the surrounding areas while Road Runner covers the world for places to ride. I subscribed to several other magazines but over time my taste changed to favor touring and these 2 cover things I like to read about. Thanks for the post.

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