Bar Fly Love

I purchased a Garmin Edge 800 several months ago as a replacement for a 705 that I never quite fell in love with. I rarely used the 705 as anything more than a timer, speedo and odometer. I really like the 800, however, and have used all of its features on a couple of centuries this season as well as a host of individual rides. The touch screen rocks and-so far- the map set  has been a pleasure to use. It’s like a smaller version on the Zumo I use on my motorcycle.  This morning I did a 38 miler based on a cue sheet from a local cycling club. A half-hour of work in BaseCamp transformed the paper cue sheet into an Edge course that took me on my route with not a single glitch.

If the Edge has a weakness, it is the mount that Garmin supplies with it. The workmanship is fine but the basic design could use some re-thinking. The mount is designed to be placed on the handlebar stem, as pictured below.


Depending on the design of your stem, it may be awkward to get the GPS on and off the mount. I also question the rationale of putting the mount so close to something that moves in the cockpit. But, most importantly, the stock mount create a condition where the rider must take his eyes off the road and look down at the stem to see the screen. It’a awkward to say the least and sometimes outright annoying.

Enter the Bar Fly. This ingenious mount grips the bars and moves the GPS a few inches forward and  into the natural line of sight of the cyclist.


You might think that such a small move wouldn’t have much effect on usability but it does.I no longer have to take my eyes off the road to see the map or read the route alerts. I’ll never go back to the OEM mount. The Bar Fly can accommodate any Garmin Edge. Here’s a close-up


Unlike the OEM mount, you can adjust the Bar Fly to set it at an optimum viewing angle. I found that having it level with the front wheel caused the screen to be nearly invisible due to glare, so I have it angled toward the cockpit a little.

I stumbled upon the Bar Fly from a message board, but you don’t have to. It is available direct from Above Category or, if you’re on the East Coast and want to save the shipping, Signature Cycles stocks it. Like everything I blog about, I do not receive a referral fee or any form of compensation. I’m just sharing something that works well. The Bar Fly works well.


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