Cycling Season

We are having an unusually mild late winter-early spring in New York. A couple of weeks ago, I got the bicycles tuned up to start riding again. It was in the mid 60’s for several days in a row and the pavement and trails were calling me.  I haven’t ridden seriously in a couple of years on account of the kids. The bikes-down to two now-have been sitting in the garage dusted with insulation from the attic crawl space. They haven’t been cleaned or lubed in probably three years. So I took them over to Bicycle Planet for a thorough check-up.

I got the bikes back two Mondays ago and immediately hit the road on my commuter. Man, I’m out of shape! A short 3 mile loop left me winded and diaphoretic; nevertheless, it felt good to get the legs moving and heart pumping again. Many of my coworkers are participating in a fitness campaign, and I don’t want to be the only FF left in the office. I’m not really that fat, but I can definitely stand to shed a few pounds.

I’ve been out on the road a couple of times and made three trips to local mountain bike trails. Last week I commuted to work by bike for the first time in years; I plan to do it again tomorrow. The ride depicted in the film is from Stillwelll Woods in Syosset. A lovely haven for mountain biking, with something for everyone.  This is also my first use of the Go Pro camera on a bike. I need to work out the mounting a little better, as it seems to be pointing off to the left of the wheel and there’s some wobble in it. My main reason for filming the ride was to show my kids what happens on a trail ride.

It’s good to be active. It’s also good to use my bikes again. I’d grown sick of looking at them collecting dust. I like having nice things, but only if I use them regularly; otherwise, they are merely vanity items. Bikes were made to be ridden, and riding I am going to do.


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