On The Trail To New Knowledge


I have a new motorcycle coming, a BMW R1200 GS. It’s designed for both road and off-road riding. Although my Vespa gets me around town, I’ve been longing for something more substantial that I can take on longer rides and maybe even camping. I’ve been keeping my internet eyes open for sources of information pertaining to motorcycle camping and adventure travel. Somewhere in my surfing, I came across a link to the Overland Journal, and it has been an unexpected wealth of knowledge.

The journal is targeted to overland travelers. Think backpacking meets 4-wheel drive and motorcycles. Even if you don’t care about 4 wheeling, the magazine is worth thumbing through just for the wonderful photography. The photo work is outstanding in every regard and pulls the reader into the articles such that you feel like you went on the adventure with the author.  The journal also set me on a trail, of sorts, to new knowledge.

From the journal, I found my way to the Expedition Portal, a website by and for overland travelers. The site has an abundance of information on everything from vehicle selection (maybe when the kids get bigger!) to clothing, to how to camp with children.  The camping with kids forum led me to an excellent blog entry on taking kids outdoors, entitled “Kids Need Room to Roam.” Go and read it right now; it’s that important if you have kids.

The Portal also had the video that appears at the top of this entry. It’s the last thing I’d expect to find on an overlanding website. It’s brilliant in its explanation of how an automobile differential works. I didn’t completely understand the mechanics until I saw this video.

New knowledge can come from any place and in any form. I often feel a little guilty about surfing the web when I could be doing something more productive. But in the last week, I’ve happened on a couple of cool finds that actually contributed to my knowledge of how things work.

Back to the Overland Journal. The back of each issue–at least each issue I’ve seen–has a recipe suitable for travel. I took a crack at the Baja fish taco recipe, my first attempt at fish tacos. It was a home run. And that recipe led me to the Overland Gourmet website, where there are many more easy to prepare and delicious dishes. A simple trip to the internet, as such, put me on the trail of information, knowledge and cool recipes.

I am not shilling for any of these sites. I don’t even subscribe to the journal-yet-but all of these sites have practical information for anyone interested in travel, camping or eating. Hit the trail and see what you learn.


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