Thompson Orchards Oct 2011

It’s been too long since my last post. So much of life has gone by since August, it’s not even funny. In addition to being overwhelmed by a new home, work and family, I’ve been on the road a couple of times over the past few months. Leaving home, even for a couple of days, always makes me reflect.

In September, I visited Cincinnati on business. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped in the state of Ohio, at least not on purpose. The Cincinnati trip turned out to be a “two for” in the sense that I got to see part of Kentucky–where the airport is–in addition to downtown Cincinnati. Whenever I visit someplace new, I try to pre-visualize what the place will look like. I imagined Kentucky would be very rural, with rolling fields and farmhouses. I was wrong; I didn’t see a single field or farmhouse during my ride from the airport. I imagined Cincinnati as a sprawling metropolis and was wrong again.

Last month, I went to Memphis. Once again, reality did not match my expectations though I confess I had no solid mental image of what to expect. I think I was expecting another bustling city like New York but found instead a very laid back environment. There was some awesome food, very fancy food in one eatery, that caught me completely off guard.

These two business trips got me to thinking about the value and power of regular travel.  The trips made me realize that even a business trip can be an adventure, an opportunity to explore new locales, meet new people and try new foods. Travel, no matter how mundane, enriches our lives through new experiences. The trip itself can be the adventure in many instances.

And with that last notion in mind, I’m trying to take more trips. Even little day trips can be made exciting, turning  what could be an ordinary car ride into an exploration. A couple of weekends ago a big snowstorm swept across the northeast crippling upstate NY and Connecticut. What better time to turn a car ride into an adventure. I packed the family into the Griswold Family truckster and drove upstate to an apple orchard to get some cider and pies. Navigating around downed trees, picking our way through closed roads, we eventually found the cider mill and the rewards it held. I made the picture at the top of the post there.

A long way to go for some pie and a picture but the journey was the adventure.


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