Nearly Perfect Day

The kids and I had a nearly perfect day today. Nearly perfect because we didn’t have mom with us, but we did our best to have fun without her.

We started the day at the local children’s museum, where we took in our first play. A dramatic re-enactment of “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie,” one of the kids’ favorite books. Here we see the two actors on stage.

And the kids immediately after the show. They did a wonderful job sitting still and following the story.

We grabbed lunch and returned home to the babysitter. Then I got to play! I had yet to get my wife a mother’s day card, so I fired up the scooter and hit the road in search of a card, flowers and an appropriate dinner for four.

I haven’t written much about scootering. Not sure why, since it brings me such joy. It’s a joy to be on two wheels, making my way around town to stores, back and forth to work and exploring new neighborhoods. No radio, no cell phone, just intense focus on the task of navigating safely with the traffic. Everything else goes out of my head and, in many ways, riding is a stress reducer, even though I’m surrounded by automobile drivers who probably don’t see or care about me.

I’m reading Neil Peart’s current book, Far and Away, A Prize Every Time. It’s a travelogue of his motorcycle journeys. He prefers to travel on two wheels between concert gigs and he does a very respectable job of describing in rich detail the various landscapes his bike has delivered him to. I’m not ordinarily a reader of travelogues and diaries, but something about Peart’s prose caught my attention in the book store ( buy the actual book because the pictures are nice too) and I haven’t put it down since. I think his bike is his escape hatch and vehicle of discovery, much like my scooter.

The simple errand of finding a card, flowers and groceries is transformed into an adventure when you travel on two wheels, and by “two wheels” I also include the bicycle, though it’s definitely cool to get to where you are going quicker with an engine under your seat.

Following Peart’s lead, I am illustrating this post with my first ever self-portrait while scootering. Don’t worry, I was not in traffic and there were no pedestrians  to accidentally run over.  I think I’ll try to capture more of these moments of peace.

The day wrapped up with a wonderful dinner, followed by a game of ball with my son. His infectious laugh fills the home each time I bounce the soccer ball off my head.

I take the helmet off for that…..


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