Peaceful Places

I spent a week in New Orleans in January attending a conference. I’d been feeling physically ill with sinus problems and a little stressed with the usual personal issues, so I snuck off to explore Lafayette Cemetery #1 in the Garden District. I’d packed my 4×5 and a couple of film holders into a knapsack, hoping to take a few pictures.

I spent almost two hours wandering around this peaceful resting place. It was dreadfully overcast with occasional sprinkles in the air; not really a pleasant day for sight-seeing. Nevertheless, I made a few images and, as I was packing up to leave, realized I was being stalked by this cat. Each time I put my head under the dark cloth, the cat would get a little closer until it was about 5 feet away. I swung the camera around, focused quickly on the eyes and tripped the shutter as a little beam of sunlight hit the cat. Probably my fastest large format image ever!

I have to admit I did not see the car headlights in the background as I was composing the shot. Pure luck that they are there and suggest the presence of an even bigger feline in the distance.

I understand why the cat prowls the cemetery. It’s peaceful, quiet, solitary. All the cares of the world drift away there. At least they did for me.


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