New Look for 2011


Battered and bruised. One of the Sim Men from my job. This poor chap was thrown off his motorcycle at high speed. He presented the opportunity to make a large format portrait. The focus needs some work but I think, in the end, it contributes to the mood.

I’ve switched back to a white theme for 2011, as I found the brown background a little distracting and too dark for many photos. White is simpler and cleaner.

My journey with the large format camera continues. My skills are improving with each new batch of film. I’m having my film developed by Edgar Praus in Rochester. I got the first batch back a few days ago and his team does wonderful work. The picture above is actually a scan of a contact sheet. The contact sheet is actually nicely-done, not a half-assed attempt to make contact prints like I’ve seen from some places. Praus is mail order (for me), but it’s a lot less hassle for me then driving into NYC, struggling for a parking spot and paying tolls. So if you need good film developing give Praus a shot. The prices are exactly the same as the labs in NYC.

I learned of Praus from a fellow on the Large Format Photography forum named Frank Petronio. He’s an upstate New Yorker doing portrait and commercial work. His portrait work is very interesting although at times it’s NSFW. Take a look here for the bawdy stuff and here for his wedding work. Thanks, Frank, for turning me onto Praus.


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