Political Pollution

I wonder if this is what the Founding Fathers or the Supreme Court had in mind when they protected political speech.

This is one of the main roads in my village, earlier this morning. The signs for various political candidates have been strategically placed here for the past few weeks, but this morning was the first opportunity I had to make a picture. I say “strategically” because the signs line a road that goes up a small hill and terminates at a traffic light. As such, motorists are more or less forced to look at these signs. This is just one street, mind you. There are similar displays of littering all-around Nassau County. The town of North Hempstead seems to be especially polluted with these things.

Littering and polluting are apt terms for this sort of stuff. It’s just garbage and everyone should be offended that our elected officials and elected-official-wannabess feel free to dump this crap all over the place and foul up the environment. There’s noise pollution and then there is this: visual pollution. By the way, these signs don’t necessarily stay where one puts them. They fall over (as you can see in the picture), blow into the street and probably even find their way to the sewers and bay.

Do any of these candidates really think their chances of winning are improved by putting out more signs? Do people make their voting decisions based on how many signs they see each day?

“Oh 12 signs for Craig Johnson. He must be terrific and very influential so I’ll vote for him. Bass could only afford two signs so he’ll probably lose.”

Now to be fair, I’m pretty sure the candidates didn’t personally plant those signs into the lovely grass. I’ve seen Craig Johnson around town and have never seen him carrying his own signs or littering. I don’t know the other two candidates, so your guess is as good as mine. One thing is for sure, though: it’s their campaign and they have the power to tell their supporters to stop polluting the town with these signs.

Most people in this town (and elsewhere) are intelligent enough to make an informed choice when voting. You will be elected or defeated on the merits, Misters Bass, Martins and Johnson, not based on how many shitty signs litter the neighborhood.


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