Maker Faire New York

I’ve been reading Make Magazine for several years now. I like to tinker with things from time to time, but mostly I like to get inspiration for my own undertakings by seeing the cool things that others are doing with their time and talents. The magazine hosts a faire; traditionally, it’s been on the west coast near San Francisco but, this year, they’ve come to the east coast. Maker Faire is happening this weekend at the New York Hall of Science in Queens. The faire is almost unexplainable with words, part Burning Man Festival and part celebration of creativity. There are booths showcasing individual makers, carnival-like activities, and an entire area dedicated to crafts.

Sparkfun sells kits to get people into electronics. Participants bought a kit and then sat at a soldering station to begin assembly with the help of Sparkfun staff.

Robotics was a common theme. There were plenty of different robots on display and available for purchase as kits.

This falls under the category of “I’m not really sure what’s going on here!” I guess it’s performance art. The gentleman standing is performing a simulated haircut. The amplifier on his back is making sounds of an electric razor.

Safety third, after fun and creativity. One of the themes of maker culture is that we must not insulate our kids from fun and interesting experiences simply because there is some risk. When’s the last time you saw a junior chemistry set in a toy store? You don’t, because product liability lawyers have taken the fun out of childhood.

Extract some DNA at the Bio Bus.

2600 is a hacker magazine. I think it got its start sharing phone phreaking tips. So I thought it amusing that they showed up in an old phone company truck.

Maker Faire is in New York through tomorrow, Sept. 26. Go check it out. More pictures here


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