NAB 2010

Let the movie load for a few seconds (hit play and then stop), please. This is my 3d shot uploading it. There’s something amiss with the Vimeo conversion.

Yes, I know the color grading demo was “cheap,” considering you can accomplish that effect with one click of a video filter or fx plug in. But now I know how to do it for myself! And the footage of me talking benefited from my new skills, too.

Here are some links to the people mentioned in the video:

Robbie Carman did two wonderful workshops on Saturday. One on Color and the other on safeguarding media. He made a complex-looking app (Color) look do-able for the ordinary person. Thank you.

Jeff Greenberg, whom I did not mention, spoke about setting up a FC editing suite. Very dynamic and entertaining.

James Ball and Matt Gottshalk spoke about monitoring for HD-DSLR. These cameras are a royal PITA to focus. You need either a finder or a monitor or both. James and Matt did a good job of reviewing the options. Matt is generous with his knowledge over at

Production Notes:

Canon 7D with 50mm Zeiss ZE, shot “flat.” Sekonic light meter. Ambient light.

Zoom H4N with AT 875R mic (normally my EX-1 on camera mic) boomed from below on a tiny table top tripod. I’m liking the quality better than a lav. Audio sync’d with Pluraleyes.

Final Cut to Color round trip.


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