Cinevate Atlas 30 LTS

I wanted to update my review of the Pegasus, now renamed the Atlas 30 LTS, so here it is.

The review was shot with the Canon 7D, my first time seriously using it. The footage here was shot “out of the box,” meaning it demonstrates what the camera is capable of after you’ve just unpacked it. It was in full auto mode. It was not my camera, so I did not feel free to adjust settings in an effort to “flatten” the image to get the most latitude. Maybe next time. I used the kit lens that comes with it, whatever that is. I focused using the camera’s autofocus, so any issue you may see is my fault. I understand now why people get Z-Finders and such.I created Compressor droplets, following Jem Schofield’s advice, here, for converting DSLR footage to Apple ProRes. The workflow is painless once you set it up.

A couple of things worth noting. The image from the camera is nice out of the box  but benefits from some tweaking in the NLE.   I found the color to be a bit red and dark. This could be the exposure (auto, evaluative meeting I think) or the white balance or both. I dialed down the red a bit in my NLE to give a more natural color. I normally use warm cards with my EX-1 but did not think to use them or a white card when I shot this. If I were to buy an HDSLR, I’d invest in a small light meter since I was not sure whether the camera was giving me the proper exposure based on what I was viewing on the LCD.

The audio is not as crappy as I imagined. I recorded the main audio track using the EX-1 and a lav. The 7D’s on-board mic did a good enough job capturing my voice to allow me to sync it with the audio from the EX-1 using a simple hand clap. I can see the utility of having an HDSLR when you want to carry one tool to shoot stills and some video. It also works (for me) as a B camera to my EX-1. I still don’t understand the practicalities of attaching a monitor, follow focus etc. By the time you strap all that stuff on, you might as well have used a regular video camera, n’est-ce pas?


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