National Day of Listening

Mark your calendars. The day after Thanksgiving is the National Day of Listening. This is an event organized by the folks who produce StoryCorps. If you haven’t heard of StoryCorps, you are really missing out on a treat. You can hear StoryCorps submissions on public radio; namely, NPR. The basic premise is that people-ordinary people-get together and interview one another and preserve the interview on tape or disk or paper. Participants create a little bit of history which can be shared either publically on a website or privately within the family. You can learn more about StoryCorps here.

I’ve heard a number of their pieces on NPR and they are fascinating to listen to. There’s immeasurable value in preserving someone’s story for future generations and I think I’ll try to do this either as an audio project or on video. It’s not hard and the website provides plenty of tips and resources to get you started and provide the opportunity to be part of the national event.

Please try to do this. Find someone-anyone, a family member, coworker, your mechanic perhaps, and take 30 minutes to interview them to learn more about them and preserve that discussion. Make copies for them and yourself and consider listening to the work next year and the year after.

Just do it…….


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