The High Line

Although I live a short driving distance from Manhattan, I don’t make much use of the many wonderful parks in the boro. It’s probably because it’s a major undertaking to find free parking near some of the bigger attractions. There’s a new major attraction in town and it is relatively easy to get to by car or public transportation: The High Line Park.

I first heard about the park on NPR; someone was promoting it as a green space. It certainly is! Built on a former freight rail line, the park stretches from the meat packing district (once seedy, now fancy) up to 20th Street on the west side of Manhattan. Eventually the park will extend up to 34th Street, I believe. I visited in late July to see what all the fuss was about and the short slide presentation at the head of this post is what I found. It is, in a word, wonderful!!

You enter the park from one of several street entrances as if you were going up to an elevated subway line. There you find a beautiful walkway that takes you past plantings of flowers, long-ago abandoned rail tracks and some interesting architecture. You can walk end to end in about 20 minutes but there is no need to rush. Did I mention it’s free of charge? It is, though I bet you’ll want to make a donation after visiting because it is that nice.

The park has been in the press lately for its proximity to a certain hotel frequented by exhibitionists. I was unaware of this added attraction when I visited but, if you look closely and are familiar with the press coverage, you can see the hotel in one of my pictures. I’ll have to go back  with a telephoto lens and take a closer look.


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