How to Shoot Video While Cycling

I’m fascinated by the potential applications of video. It can be used for entertainment and educational purposes. For example, I love a good cycling video. I like to cycle and for awhile now I’ve been trying to figure out how to combine cycling and video. Last year I shot some hand-held stuff but it wasn’t very good because I had to concentrate on operating the bicycle. I don’t multitask well when operating a vehicle. I considered a helmet mounted rig but decided against having extra weight strapped to my skull. I’m rather tall, so I also didn’t need any extra height added to my brain bucket.

I recently came across a technical video podcast from Chase Jarvis explaining how he captures p.o.v. images. It’s two years old and deals with still photography but the principles apply to video. After watching it, I realized I had the necesary parts in my basement but hadn’t thought to use them in this configuration. Video as educational tool, thank you Chase.

So I mounted up a Manfrotto Super Clamp on my handlebars and attached a Canon Elph790 to go out and capture some standard definition footy. There’s no reason why you couldn’t mount a V-DSLR to this rig to capture HD. Chase used a Manfrotto Magic Arm, which may cut down some of the vibration chatter you see in my film, and also gets the camera out away from the handle bars.

The only thing I don’t care for in this set up is the audio. The small camera captured a lot of wind and front end noise so that’s something to keep in mind when planning a shoot. Nevertheless, the images are respectable for a small camera and would likely be fantastic with one of the newer video DSLRs. Get out there and shoot.


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