Forgotten Places

Manorhaven Nature preserve 3

I took my children for a walk this afternoon. We usually go to the local park near our home. While walking through the park, I realized that our village has its own “nature preserve” adjacent to the park so we walked over to listen to birdsong and enjoy nature. As you can see from the first photo, the Village of Manorhaven, NY hasn’t done a very effective job of “preserving” nature in the nature preserve. The place is over-run with weeds, debris and trash. It’s quite a shame, since a lot of effort went into establishing the area several years ago. As I recall, it was a big political issue, with one of the political parties touting itself as environmentally friendly. In any event, it appears to be all but forgotten at this point.

What makes me sad, almost angry, is these two images:

Manorhaven Nature preserve 2Manorhaven Nature preserve 1

Yes, that’s right: part of the craptastic nature preserve is a 9/11 memorial! They don’t even have the decency to maintain the area surrounding the sign designating it a memorial. In a few weeks, the country will recognize the eighth anniversary of 9/11 and the  many brave souls murdered that day. Yet one village seems to have forgotten them. I don’t pretend to know who is responsible for maintaining the preserve. I think it is the Village of Manorhaven, but I could be wrong. This I know for certain: the preserve is a few hundred yards from the village hall and maintenance department. You’d think someone could cross the street and preserve the nature-and the memorial to our lost brothers and sisters- in the nature preserve.


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