DIY Adapter

I got a lot of questions asking what 35mm adapter I used to film “This Old Dolly.”

Actually, not. But I thought I’d share my homemade adapter with you anyway. I’ve been struggling to decide whether to get a vibrating adapter (one in which the focusing surface vibrates) or a “spinner,” one in which the focusing surface spins. The spinners are better for technical reasons but tend to be very expensive. So I made my own, which I’ve tentatively named the “Iceberg Adapter”. Patent not pending.

The Iceberg features not one, but two, interchangeable focusing surfaces; one in front of the adapter and one behind. Each is constructed of a thin film, almost like plastic wrap. I believe I’m the first to implement this optical arrangement. This method results in a wonderful bokeh, which the user can tailor by adding additional surfaces. Best of all, the adapter runs on two AAA batteries so you don’t need to carry a pesky power adapter.

The rods system is another engineering marvel, if I do say so myself. I used scrap aluminum tubes (like the ones that precipitated war with Iraq) to fabricate the rails. I let the tripod head and a workstand from Home depot serve as the baseplate system. Although the picture doesn’t do it justice, the entire rig is fantastically portable. These pictures depict the Iceberg configured for Nikkor lenses.  Production units should be available late August.

DIY adapter1 with labels

DIY adapter3


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