Would You Live On A Movie Set?


NPR had a story this afternoon about Pinewood Studios, London’s version of Hollywood. The clever folks at Pinewood propose an audacious expansion plan that calls for constructing residential housing that doubles as the studio’s back lot. You could also look at it as they are expanding their studio and the expansion just happens to be suitable for habitation. The stated goal is that production crews could actually live in the same environment they film in. Of course, there are opponents, the most vocal of whom complain the expansion will be made at the expense of the local greenbelt.

Putting the environmental concerns aside for a moment, this seems like a neat idea. The land would literally be multi-use, accommodating both commercial and residential activity. How cool would it be to walk outside your door and watch a motion picture being made? Imagine having the opportunity to watch the car chase from the French Connection unfold on the street in front of your house! Obviously there are downsides to living on a perpetual movie set, but the Pinewood people deserve some credit for thinking outside the box a little.

Got to go. The towering inferno will be igniting in ten minutes.


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