Another Guy With A Blog!

Yes, I’m affraid it’s true. Another person has entered the blogosphere. That’s one more page to look through to decide whether you want to add it to your “favorites” folder in your browser.I hope you will add this blog to your favorites and perhaps link to it in your own blog. Here’s why:

I am an ordinary person with an extraordinary day job where I get to combine my professional training with my personal interests in photography, video and technology. It has taken me a long time to get to this place in my life, a place where I’ve seen enough and read enough to be able to share my thoughts with others. I do this everyday on a micro scale; however, recent events caused me to consider doing it on a macro scale sharing it with others.

About three weeks ago, I read an entry at seeking authors for its Geek Dad blog. I’m a new dad and a geek, so I followed the link to investigate the requirements. None of the itmes listed posed much of a problem except the last one, which asked candidates to submit evidence of a web presence. Web presence!?! I’m nearly invisible except for posts on message boards and a Vimeo page. How could I compete with other geek dads with custom web pages and their own web mags? So this is my attempt to be visible. It is also my attempt to share what little I know with others; in particular, my kids when they reach the age they can read.

You can expect to see a lot of varied material here, including my own creative efforts at photography and short-film production. And a fair amount of commentary on world events and things that pique my interest. Welcome aboard.


About robertkerner

Educator, registered nurse, attorney, inquisitive mind
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